What will the winners of the FintechFans Most Influential Person in FinTech Award win?

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We offer our winners FintechCoin (FINC) that we will distribute in our Token Sale for the creation of a decentralized staffing platform for the FinTech industry. Read more about our Token Sale

1st: The Winner

For the number one Most Influential Person in FinTech, we have a price of ten-thousand (10,000) FINC

2nd: The Runner-Up

The second place in this competition is nothing to be ashamed of, neither is the prize: five-thousand (5,000) FINC

3rd: The (second) Runner-Up

The third contestand of the MIP FinTech Awards will receive a thousand (1,000) FINC

4th up to 10th places: The honorable mentions

There will be seven honorable mentions will receive five-hundred (500) FINC

and ...

All of these 10 FinTech champs deserve everlasting fame. Something that probably isn't new to these influencers!