Welcome to the MIP FinTech Award!

FintechFans is holding a worldwide election for the Most Influential Person in FinTech for 2017. Participate or vote for your favorite FinTech influencer and let them know you support them!

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FintechFans Presents the MIP FinTech Awards

2017 has come to an end. And it has turned out to be a great year for the uprising of FinTech start-ups. Bright and invested people from all over the world have shared their opinions and findings

To honor these influencers, FintechFans organises Most Influencial Person in Fintech in 2017 Award. Where anybody with a Twitter account can vote for their favorite FinTech evangelist.


Why MIP FinTech Awards?

2017 was a great year, especially for FinTech startups. Over the years, many industry professionals and experts have shared their opinions and findings to support this great industry. To honor these influencers for their selfless inputs and supports, we organize this annual award as way of saying “Thank you!”. Participate today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you prevent double voting?

In essence every Twitter account has one vote. And we monitor incoming votes to ensure we notice when fake accounts are being used. This is not 100% full proof but we make sure that the error margin is not relevant to the outcome.

How do I get nominated?

Anybody with a Twitter account can be nominated. And everybody can nominate candidates. Check out the nomination page for more information.

How do I vote?

Visit the leaderboard page and login with your Twitter account to see the current vote counts, find your favorite FinTech Guru and help them to the first place.